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London Racquet Stringing provides tennis, squash and badminton restrings from our Fulham base with a wide range of string available. Get your racquet strung like the pros!

Tennis Stringing


                   All prices include 24/48Hr restringing 
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NEW: Don't know which strings to use?  Just Select an option below and we'll chose a string that best fits your racket and level  -

£24.90 - VALUE: String my racket with quality but Value strings. strings + labour

£29.90 - QUALITY: String my racket with strong quality strings. strings + labour

£38.90 - PREMIUM: String my racket with Premium quality strings. strings + labour
£49.99 - The "Federer": Natural Gut (mains or crosses) + Luxilon Alu power rough. The best stringing set up in the world. Must try once in your life. Amazing precision, comfort. Recommended for grass, carpet, sensitive elbow, heavy raquets, doubles. Used by Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Serena Williams, Dimitrov, Zverev....
I provide my own strings: £16.99

Full STRINGS PRICE LIST below - includes racket pick up, stringing job, string, racket return

We have access to hundreds of strings from our long time suppliers so tell us the string you want and we'll get it for you. Stringing done on a Professional, High precision electronic machine - 100grams precision.

Wilson/Toelson Tournament Synthetic Gut full restringing at £24.90 only. Comfort and power. 

Simply the Best Synthetic Gut (comfort & power) Wilson Sensation : £29

Durability + Response, spin. Toelson Rencon : what a string! : £27.90
Best All-round string: Kirshbaum Pro -line II Great response, Durability, comfort, moderate spin, made in Germany): £28.90

Explosive Spin: Babolat RPM Blast : £31.99

Spin & comfort: Tecnifibre Red code: £30


Power & Control: Luxilon Alu Power Rough - most used on Pro tour. £32.90

Hard hitters: Yonex Polytour Pro, used by Kyrgios, perfect tension maintenance, power and touch £31
Explosive Power and precision, hard court  Luxilon Alu Power: £32
Maximum Power (advanced players only, flat hitters) Toalson Joker Core: £28
A classic: Kirshbaum Max power rough. Spin and precision, deeeeeeep ground strokes.  £39
Hybrid allows you to use two types of play in one racket: example: Back of court rallye spin alternated with chip and feel when going to the net with a volley.
Used by many Female players who need the power & comfort. Must have for doubles, grass and synthetic grass, astro turf.
Hybrid allows you to use two types of play in one: i.e Spin + Power, Spin + Feel, Comfort + Precision
Most Popular hybrid: Power Rough on Mains for power and ball grab, Wilson sensation for feel, precision and confort. A classic at LRS since 2008: £36.90
Our new Hybrid: explosive Spin & devine touch in one single setting? Yes, after lots of research and testing, we've done it! : Tecnifibre Red Code Poly (better than Babolat RPM blast for hybrid) on mains + WeissCanon on crosses: £34.90 FOR AN AMAZING STRING SET UP! A Must new try..

All Round Hybrid: Kirshbaum + Premium synthetic crosses Power & Feel Crosses: £33.90

Most durable Hybrid : Ashaway Aramid mains + speacial coating synthetic gut.  Butter-like slices, Powerful and deep shots, Great Spins, perfect precision. Used by many county level players and high doubles players. £42.00
Why you need to replace your grip once a year, every 2 years MAX.
1/Not replacing your original grip means your racket handle size is now one size smaller than the original. That's a lot of ball control misses.
2/an overgrip (or 2) on top of a "dead" grip will not change a thing! you'll add 2 months of grip "sensation" to your grip instead of 4 because your original grip roughness and uneven texture will damage it threw direct and constant vibrations
3/unhealthy (no need to get into the details about germs..)
So, What are the best synthetic replacement grips brands in the market? Tecnifibre for their grip shape, Yonex for their quality/value, Babolat for their competitive dynamic comfort, and Toalson for their perspiration technologies. Our favourite: Babolat Syntec Pro for its incredible comfort, feel and durability. (on sale below). We sell all those grips, just call for a specific one or advice.
What about leather grips? Recommended for advanced single handed back handed players and players who need additional power. (See our racket customization at £39) The best brands are: 1/Pacific (also makers of the most expensive natural gut) , 2/Gamma (a classic), 3/Head, 4/Wilson /5Babolat. Our favourite: Head Tour Calfskin for its incredible feel and durability. Order by phone only.
Replacement Grip: Babolat Syntec Pro  : £10 job incl.
Simply the best. Durability, comfort, precision. No need to change for 2 years. it's that good!
Over-Grip Tournagip Tourna Tac (used by Andy Murray, Isner) Your racket will NO LONGER slip from the hand.
£5 job incl. Our favourite for competitive players
Tournagrip Classic Blue. Most used on Tour
£3.00 job included. Yes, it's a classic.
Over-Grip ProsPro Tacky+Comfort -OUR FAVOURITE : £3.00 job included
NEW; We've just tried the Head Pro overgrip and it is quite fantastic. A direct competitor for the Tournagrip blue, we felt the durability and comfort was better.  Order by phone only. Another overgrip we recommend you to try is the Wilson Pro, a classic but quite pricey in our opinion. If you love the Wilson Pro, you must try the Tecnifibre Xtra sharp, it's a gem!
For £39, I will tranform your retail/club racket in a Pro set up. Rebalance the weight distribution with Tecnifibre Lead, add silicon in the handle, replace the grip with a Head Tour Leather grip, then an overgrip on top (your grip size will remain a standard size). Result in extra power, precision and exceptional comfort.

Tennis Rackets

We now sell ONLY the best tennis rackets models in the industry: Head, Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Pro Kennex. Ask me and get yourself the best deals for your level and game type, premium stringing included...I will tell you what and where to buy if i don't have it in stock.
Ideally, Try before you buy on our tennis courts.


Nothing replaces a chat - so call me and i will guide you in your choice - I am passionate as you are! 
Here is my  guide to the type of strings that perform well for many of my customers.

The type of racket, your level, strenghts and weaknesses , age, the type of court,  indoor/outdoor, weather etc.. play an important role in your strings ideal search! 

Remember also that the higher the tension the less power but "more" control you have.
Since the "Federer years" tension on the pro circuit is towards medium-high as an average. 50-58lbs this is mainly due to the quality of strings that deliver the spin and precision previously lacking in the 80s-90s. So players lower the tension to get more power without sacrificing precision and spin. Nadal for instance "only" plays at 55lbs. Federer quite often in the 50s, and for our World number 1, Nole rarely goes above 58lbs (which is already pretty high on a 18x20 frame!)
Low powered Head Hawk is the perfect example - As TennisWarehouse puts it, "providing the exceptional control of a stiff poly without ever feeling harsh "
Multifilaments Wilson NXT and Xone Biphase have also provided recently the best of both worlds with low tension paradigm...power and precision. 

Are you...
Club/County level play:

We recommend:
Complete player, Spin orientated: Babolat RPM Team at 54 Lbs up to 56
Agressive Spin led player, short swing: Babolat RPM Blast at 55Lbs to 57
Endurance player, requiring spin and effects at low tension: Luxilon Savage at 48 to 53Lbs (a RLS favourite)
Luxilon Alu Power Rough for explosive power and precision - probably the best string in the world

Tournament/League series of 5-10 matches:

I am currently playing a league with the Kirschbaum Helix 130 gauge and it is a great string providing a crisp feeling. Fantastic quality at a very competitive price. £28. For a full month at high intensity i didn't experience much tension loss and this despite the changes of temperatures recently. Will be an ideal set up for a full season!

Babolat Duralast Tour for a full round up string. Used on the Challenger tour. 1-2 restringing per tournament.

A grinder? > RPM Team is for you
The ultimate tricky player?.. > wrong footing your oponent, going from Spin to drop shot in a blink: Ncode Black is for you, 55lbs.
The Spin-crazy one? >  Toalson Devil Spin (+ excellent durability, Japanese quality)
It's all about the touch > Synthetic gut but take the best in the market: Wilson sensation or Wilson sensation rough
over 40...with elbow, wrist pain from time to time?....> Puncher: go for Babolat Duralast, Smooth operator: go for a hybrid with
Doubles player: Hybrid with natural gut on the mains/Wilson sensation crosses or Toalson devil mains/Wilson sensation crosses

Pros stringing set-up
Novak Djokovic
Hard court/Acrylic: Tecnifibre X-One Byphase, Mains / Luxilon Alu Power Rough Crosses
Grass & others: Natural Gut, Mains / Luxilon Luxilon Alu Power Rough Crosses

Roger Federer
Natural Gut, Mains / Luxilon Luxilon Alu Power Rough Crosses

Andy Murray
Luxilon Alu Power only (Australian Open, US Open, Roland Garros) or Hybrid on grass (Alupower + natural Gut)
note on Alupower: dream explosive serves, deep forehands, incredible angles. Oustanding athmospheric resistance. Restring every 10 hours of play.

Babolat RPM Team is also a string use by many pros and gains popularity over RPM Blast for elbow control and tension mantenance.
RPM Team and Tecnifibre Ncode Black used by most female pros.


Other Grips and Shock Absorbers to buy, Lead Tape, Head tape, Bumper strips, racket customisation : please contact us
Grip Enlarger £6 - Used to increase the grip size by 1 unit. E.g. Size 2 to 3.

Individual grommets will be replaced free of charge if required.

Get your racquet strung like the pros!